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Our Philosophy

Pushing performance boundaries in a fun and fully human way

We believe that developing consciousness and competence at all levels of the organisation: the individual (“I”), the relational (“We”), and the procedural and structural (“It”) is the key to driving outstanding, sustainable results and increased benefits for all of a company’s stakeholders.

Our Vision

A world where humanity’s individual and collaborative potential is realised, and together we achieve the impossible.

Our Purpose

We empower leaders, teams and organisations around the globe to achieve transformational performance and positively impact an ever-changing world.

Our Values


We know we’re
better together

The human connection is powerful and can produce extraordinary results. We’re at our very best when we are fully connected and working in harmony with others. Live Unbound catalyses connections between teams and leaders, creating relationships that have a lasting impact on performance and life beyond work.


We help people find joy

We’re all about fun, enjoyment and well-being inside and outside of work. Our programmes inherently spread positivity - they increase happiness, productivity and output in both work and everyday life. We believe all individuals can attain job satisfaction and a work life balance given the right set of tools and support.


We embrace uniqueness

We approach our work knowing that each and every person, team and organisation is different and distinct. We encourage people to follow the path that is best for them. We work closely with our clients to target and address each of their unique, individual needs.


We push the boundaries
of what is possible

We continuously strive for excellence in our field. We combine neuroscience, leading-industry research, vast and diverse experience and elite sports principles to get results. We catalyse leaders and teams into the optimal psychological state known as flow. Our daring and curious natures are our super strength; they push our clients and us into the performance zone so that we can expand our edge and achieve the impossible.


We’re there every step of the way.

The Live Unbound process is a journey and we’re there for our clients every step of the way. We make it our mission to fully understand our client’s goals and produce tangible, measurable, transformative results that continue to strengthen over time. We set teams and leaders up with the right skills for the future.

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We coach CEOs and leaders 1 to 1, their teams and organisations around the globe.

What We Do

Discover how we bring the transformational journey to life.


The true strength of Live Unbound is in its people — and that includes you.

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