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Discover Your Best

Develop a high performance mindset and engineer your life to become your best every day

Get ready to feel empowered and cultivate the necessary mindset skills to perform at your optimal level with our scientifically-tested principles

Increased workload, uncertainty, stress, the pandemic…the list is endless. You may feel out of balance now, but it does not have to stay that way. Adversity is present in everyday life. We cannot avoid it, but we can equip ourselves with tools to ensure we show up at our best no matter what.

Discover Your Best is a 6-week live online transformational programme.

The programme explores your character, vision and mindset where you will gain clarity and power in each area. You will learn the science of a resilient and high performing mindset and build a life of meaning, purpose, vitality and success while pushing the limits of what is possible for you.

Our next Discover your best programme kicks off . It’s time to make 2023 a transformational year for you.

“I participated in the “Discover Your Best” course from my dining room table during the 1st Covid Lockdown. The course focused on cultivating self awareness , giving us tools to build resilience and culminating in attendees developing “life” roadmaps underpinned by an understanding of our own personal philosophies. I still use my toolkit today! The course was expertly delivered by Stephen and was for me the hi-light of those unprecedented weeks. Highly recommend this one! “


Discover Your Best Is for Individuals Who:

  • Value self-development and growth. You are driven to take action even when things get tough.
  • Seek to develop skills that will help you perform at peak levels.
  • Are serious about getting after and realising your goals.
  • Don’t settle for average. You want to be better in every aspect of your life.
  • Are curious to dive deeper into your purpose, and what drives you so you have clarity on your goals.
  • Want to lead those around you and strive to be a positive influence.

If the above resonates with you, we look forward to welcoming you to our programme.

Our next Discover your best programme kicks off. It’s time to make 2023 a transformational year for you.

Discover Your Best Is for Groups and Teams Who:

  • Drive a culture of learning and development while having fun.
  • Seek to build stronger connections with their colleagues.
  • Are excited about being coached and learning new skills.
  • Realise the importance of psychological safety from getting to know each other more deeply and authentically.
  • Value the importance of being on a personal development journey together.

Our programme currently has a net promotor score of 91%, with hundreds of participants completing the programme from organisations such as Eli Lilly, Pfizer & Teamwork.

"Stephen and I first worked together on a Live unbound "Discover your best" programme for personal development in 2021. The course was an amazing framework and the personal philosophy, advice and vision have helped shape me as a leader and are an anchor point for all significant decisions in my life. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to work with Stephen again on a project to optimise how our management team deliver for our demanding business. I've no doubt Stephen and the team will evolve and coach us to achieve even more. Looking forward to the journey! I highly recommend Stephen for both personal and team development."


What to Expect

We take a holistic approach by diving into the five domains of balance - physical, mental, emotional, intuition and spiritual. When you invest in your personal development, expect to show up powerfully in all areas of your life.

Activate Your Potential

Discover the skills that have helped push the boundaries of human performance. Everything we teach is backed by neuroscience and will give you the tools to reveal and engineer yourself to be your best every day — at work, at home, with colleagues, family and friends, and in society.

Cultivate Passion

Authentically express yourself and discover a new level of joy every single day. Learn to reflect on your life passions and priorities. Are you honouring these? Do you need to take action? Does it align with your priorities and passions?


Learn and grow with your peers and foster deeper authentic relationships. You will feel empowered and reconnected to your true self whilst connected to a global community of like-minded people working towards a shared mission: to bring out the best in you.

Enhance Relationships

Increase compassion and empathy to become more collaborative, connected, and committed to others. Enhanced relationships lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Unearth Your Purpose

You will discover your purpose and unique personal philosophy. The highest achievers have great alignment between words, thoughts and actions. Knowing who you are and your guiding principles will give you conviction.

Forge Resilience

Tap into your inner mental toughness to lead yourself to excellence and overcome adversity. You will learn the big four skills of mental toughness and apply these to your daily life.

Craft your Vision

Once you know your purpose, you may build a vision guiding all significant life decisions. You will learn to enjoy life's journey and appreciate whatever destination that leads to, as long as it points toward your purpose and personal philosophy.

What’s included?

  • Personal development workbook accompanying each session for reflection.
  • A focused personal action plan.
  • Access to our Discover Your Best online platform to connect with the wider Live Unbound community.
  • 1:1 coaching and support as needed throughout.
  • Guided audio meditations.
  • 5 x 1.5-hour deep dive weekly sessions via Zoom.
  • A simple activity between modules to begin creating new habits and building transformation.
  • A toolkit of practical resources that support you to be your best, live with fulfilment and maintain positivity and resilience in the face of adversity.

It's time to make 2023 a transformational year for you

Featured Series

The High Performance Pit Stop Series

Want a Taster Into the Discover Your Best Programme and Equip Yourself With Tools for a Happier Life?

In one month, you will walk away feeling calmer, more positive and ready to stretch yourself without burnout.

This is a mini four-part challenge over a month, giving you a taster of what to expect in our Discover Your Best programme.

  • Bring greater connection into your life
  • Manage your stress through box breathing
  • Feed courage and starve fear
  • Become a peak performer while resting well

Each week features a set of mini practical challenges allowing you to implement the skills learnt from the lesson in an enjoyable and transformative way.

All for only €45.

Let’s do it!

Transform Your Business Through Our Discover Your Best Programme

Improve performance levels by training your team or leadership cohort with our exclusive educational programming.

Optimise individual & team performance & efficiency
Create a culture
of excellence
Increase ownership & communication
Elevate focus
& productivity
Fostering empowering connection
Cultivate employee happiness & retention
Maximize innovation
& creativity

Interested in a custom programme built for your team?

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