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Transform team performance, enhance collaboration and catalyse change

Why Are Some Teams Capable of Achieving the Impossible?

As a leader, having an aligned team and reaching your ambitious goals isn’t always straightforward…

  • You have talented leaders on your team who are brilliant individuals and lead their departments well, but there seems to be a disconnect.
  • Everyone has their own goals and ambition. How do you have interdependent goals and get people to work together?
  • New people constantly join your organisation. How do you ensure they align with each other?
  • You lead a team stuck in firefighting mode, trying to do too much at once and missing their most important goals.
  • Your team uses the language of blame and excuses or don’t take responsibility.
  • There are elephants in the room, and honesty and challenge are left on the table.
  • The environment in your team is lacking in fun, collaboration and enjoyment.

Stephen facilitated bringing clarity to the purpose and vision of the leadership team. He helped them to find enjoyment in operating as a high performing team. I can only compliment the quality, experience, range of material and his approach in delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and the Live Unbound team for anyone looking to develop highly effective teams, leadership capability and peak performance


Live Unbound's Systemic Team Coaching Will Help Leadership Teams To:

  • Gain clarity, align on purpose, identify the collective results and work together to achieve them enjoyably.
  • Work exceptionally well together to lead in complex and changing times, unleash innovation, establish a growth mindset and other vital performance-enhancing culture shifts.
  • Identify each team member's strengths and development areas and leverage that to support each other.
  • Make high-quality decisions and take action that serves the organisation's wider purpose.
  • Get into a team flow state where everyone is fully focused, engaged, and enjoying their work.
  • Build robust relationships with colleagues built on shared values for healthy and happy sustained working relationships.
  • Achieve transformational and game-changing goals that will power the organisation forward, consistently delivering on a winning strategy.

Here are some highlights of our powerful Unbound Team partnerships with clients like Cranstoun, Eli Lilly and PUNCH.

Transformational Process

Enhancing collaboration and catalysing change

Live Unbound’s team of seasoned practitioners applies a well-validated approach that is both firmly grounded in the most extensive and coherent body of research on team effectiveness, and closely attuned to the unique needs of each team. We will measure and empower your team to model and unlock the performance potential.

Our highly-skilled coaches can provide customised diagnosis, launching/ relaunching facilitation to help teams meet their stakeholders' needs superbly and become better and better over time. We help leaders understand the barriers to brilliant collaboration and move beyond them.

Our approach to the team development process advances through three distinct phases, Assess, Build and Coach. Each component builds on the previous component in a modular format. Each phase of the process is uniquely tailored to the clients context.



During this initial phase, we assess the essential internal and external conditions for team effectiveness and provide three world-class assessment options allowing us to gather critical data and build behavioural profiles to take performance to the next level.

Team Diagnostic Survey™
Team Emotional Intelligence
Mindflick Spotlight Performance



The second phase consists of a launch. You will have a framework to evaluate your team’s design, structural interdependence, clarity of purpose and internal capacity - and determine the most pressing and compelling areas for development. The launch is offsite and often outdoors, so expect a full day of reset and balance. There will be fun games, team-building exercises and significant breakthroughs.



The final phase is to sustain the momentum of the build phase and support the team’s development over time. We measure the team’s success and hold you accountable, ensuring you push performance boundaries and succeed collectively.

“Stephen helped me as a CEO to define my own purpose and brilliance and similarly of the teams he worked with within the organisation. Stephen helped me develop mental, physical, intuitional and emotional daily rituals that transformed me for the better and to understand the power of structure in my life.”


Collective Leadership Development

Liberating powerful leadership

In today’s world of work everyone needs to be a leader. Using a blended learning approach, cutting edge techniques, experiential learning and taking place in unique settings, our customised programmes are designed to inspire, energise and encourage people to lead themselves and others in fresh, new and exciting ways.

Our programmes don’t just focus on the ‘now’, they support sustainable changes in leaders by using simple and innovative methods to embed the learning for the future. We are also committed to ensuring that our programmes are applicable and practice based rather than purely intellectual and conceptual.

Programme design typically consists of an integrated suite of interventions to complement our high-impact experiential workshops, such as coaching, action learning, assessment tools, 360° feedback, line manager engagement, executive sponsorship, strategic projects, web-enabled self-directed learning and journaling.

We Partner With Teams to Catalyse Consistent Team Flow | The Upper Edges of Exceptional Team Performance

High performance does not mean sacrificing your team’s health and well-being. There is a way to enjoy work yet achieve more in less time by training your team to work in a flow state consistently. Team flow is the optimal state of consciousness where everyone experiences flow together.

Work with Stephen and his team, who have established themselves among the best in the world at enhancing leadership team effectiveness and success throughout organisations.

By consistently operating at the team flow level, your team will perform in harmony and push performance limits. Expect an increase in engagement, motivation, team performance, productivity, creativity, satisfaction, and more.

Be listed as part of an increasing number of world-class teams where any project of any scale can be achieved with excellence.

Source - The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization Katzenbach/Smith 1993 (p.84)

Create the winning formula for you and your team. Where would your organisation be a year from now?

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“I have no question that when you have a team, the possibility exists that it will generate magic, producing something extraordinary But don’t count on it.”


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