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Our Brand

At Live Unbound everything is considered and we wanted our brand to represent our dedication and commitment to growth.

Our typeface visually represents the state of being unbound through its openness. The characters also have a sense of flow and connection which were two recurrent themes in client feedback interviews.

Our logo’s symbol also incorporates openness.

Our graphic devices are made up of geometric shapes which give a sense of organisation, structure and logic. Triangles communicate balance. They embody teamwork in that there are three sides that all hold up and support each other. While circles represent a holistic approach – they are all encompassing and continuous. The triangle motif visually embodies a peak and when paired together with the second triangle it is also reminiscent of a tree, signifying nature and the outdoors.

The symbol has an upward trajectory that communicates motion and progression – a levelling up.

This is a concept that will be readily understood – people everywhere are familiar with the universal symbols for ‘next chapter’, ‘next level’ or ‘full speed’ etc. Our symbol communicates that our process takes things to the max – it is for people who are serious about being their best.

Transformational Performance

The word transformational describes the tangible outcome from the Live Unbound process. The fantastic aspect of our work is that the outcomes are evident and measurable.

The word performance is also beneficial in that it borders the vernacular from both the sports and the business worlds. People widely understand the similarities and that there are transferable techniques and skills. Our background in sports is a very useful tool for our clients.

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