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Enhance your employees’ resilience for increased confidence and wellbeing

“Resilience is a range of skills, behaviours and attitudes that lead to the development of mental toughness and the ability to deal with setbacks to bounce forward.”


World-class content, real-life application, measurable impact: these are the tenets of our resilience & wellbeing development programmes. Every organisation is unique, so we offer comprehensive, context-specific resilience & wellbeing, employee connection programmes and support.

We deliver emotionally engaging programs and provide evidence-based, practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience. We aim to inspire a culture of high performance through optimising personal and team resilience & wellbeing.

When You Build Resilience, You Can Expect To:

  • Bounce back and turn setbacks into transformative experiences;
  • Overcome adversity and challenges in every aspect of your life;
  • Stay focused, calm, and positive, and drive forward toward your goals;
  • Be more balanced, confident and consistent in stressful situations;
  • Expand your comfort zone and grow as whole person.

It is a skill elite athletes have mastered and one we can all benefit from; hence our resilience and wellbeing programme draws on our founder, Stephen McDonnell’s elite sport experience and includes real-life application of tools. Our current net promoter score for our resilience programmes is 91%.

Develop a Custom Programme

Develop a custom workplace resilience and wellbeing programme for your employees. It all starts with a 15-minute connection chat.

Featured Series

The High Performance Pit Stop Series

Want a Taster Into the Discover Your Best Programme and Equip Yourself With Tools for a Happier Life?

In one month, you will walk away feeling calmer, more positive and ready to stretch yourself without burnout.

This is a mini four-part challenge over a month, giving you a taster of what to expect in our Discover Your Best programme.

  • Bring greater connection into your life
  • Manage your stress through box breathing
  • Feed courage and starve fear
  • Become a peak performer while resting well

Each week features a set of mini practical challenges allowing you to implement the skills learnt from the lesson in an enjoyable and transformative way.

All for only €45.

Let’s do it!

Some of our practical content & toolkit includes

The big four of mental toughness
Daily Rituals
Win in your mind
Execution Excellence
Uncover Your Why
5 Mountain Training Plan
Fear and Courage Loops
7 Commitments of Elite Teams
6 Pillars of Wellness

Build resilience through our Discover Your Best Programme

Learn evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience. Our customised programme covers the big four skills for mental toughness, which will keep you focused and present, allowing you to gain confidence and momentum.

The Resilience Course focused on cultivating self awareness , giving us tools to build resilience and culminating in attendees developing “life” roadmaps underpinned by an understanding of our own personal philosophies. I still use my toolkit today! The course was expertly delivered by Stephen and was for me the hi-light of those unprecedented weeks in lockdown. Highly recommend this one!

BRID - Facilities Management Team Leader - Eli Lilly

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Exceptional performance in all areas of life. It starts with a 15-minute connection chat.