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Client Impact

We partner with our clients to design, develop and deliver development solutions that drive impact throughout their organisations. We work with CEOs, leaders, teams, individual team members, in elite sports and with ambitious individuals from all sectors and fields.

We enjoy making a positive difference with a diverse range of clients from all over the world.

Case Studies

While discretion and privacy are key pillars of the service that we provide, some of our clients have been kind enough to share an insight into their experience of working with Stephen and the team at Live Unbound.


Live Unbound Facilitates Multi-Disciplinary Team Effectiveness at VHI 360 Health Centre in Limerick

Focus of Our Work
  • Rapid Team Formation
  • Development of Leadership Capability
  • Supporting a High Performance Culture
  • Relationship building  
  • Building Highly Effective teams

Catalysing organisational performance and competitive advantage at Cranstoun

Focus of Our Work
  • Team Flow
  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Senior Leadership Team and Board Cohesion
  • CEO Performance Coaching
  • High Performance Culture
  • Organisational Performance

Eli Lilly

Enhancing Wellbeing, Resilience and Personal Development at Eli Lilly

Focus of Our Work
  • Resilience and Well-being
  • Building Connections
  • Team Connection & Performance
  • Personal Leadership
  • Personal Adaptability
  • Relationship focused culture
  • Remote working support

Accelerating High-Performance Across the Board at PUNCH

Focus of Our Work
  • Strategy Development and Execution
  • Adaptability and Transformation
  • Senior Leadership Team and Board Coaching
  • High Performance Culture
  • CEO Coaching
  • Organisational Performance & Resilience
Large Pharma - Small Molecule

Transforming team performance, enhancing collaboration and catalysing change at a large global pharmaceutical

Focus of Our Work
  • Strategy Development & Execution
  • Team of Teams
  • Organisational Performance
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • High Performance Culture
  • 1:1 Leadership & Performance Coaching

Our clients, like PUNCH, Cranstoun & Eli Lilly, explain the ongoing positive impact of partnering with Live Unbound on their people, teams and stakeholders.

Our clients, like PUNCH, Extern & Eli Lilly, explain the ongoing positive impact of partnering with Live Unbound on their people, teams and stakeholders.

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