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Transforming team performance, enhancing collaboration and catalysing change at a large global pharmaceutical

Live Unbound prepares the leadership team of a four-billion-dollar organisation to become the world’s leader in small molecule capabilities. 

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The production site in Cork is responsible for making active small molecule pharmaceutical ingredients for medicines globally. The organisation is committed to improving life through the safe production of quality medicines.

The site was experiencing sub-optimal team dynamics & performance whilst in the middle of a winding down process when the organisation was suddenly met with an increase in demand for small molecule production. The site had to rapidly transition from a state of reduced capacity and resources into one capable of producing unprecedented output to exceptionally high standards. The global leadership team acknowledged the need for support in order to create efficient work practices and improved performance that could keep up with the pace and expectations of the business. The goal was also to achieve this whilst ensuring a healthy work-life balance for employees.  

Stephen, Gabe and the Live Unbound team were brought in to catalyse the transformation, agility, effectiveness, culture, positive momentum and overall performance of the small molecule site.


Working with the Small Molecule Operations Leader on a one-to-one basis and the Small Molecule Flow team, we set the foundations for high performance from the outset to ensure all teams perform consistently well in the long term. We used world-class assessment tools to continuously examine leadership, performance and team effectiveness. The process consistently identifies areas for development and existing strengths that could be built upon.

We helped the leadership team set tangible goals to work towards creating a nurturing culture of high standards, maximised process gains and minimised process losses. Every team required the tools to work effectively and engage with stakeholders in a way that ensured organisational alignment.

From the start, Stephen & Gabe were very excited to help us transform, and it has been an enjoyable process. With Covid challenges, Stephen facilitated a lot of virtual activities with the team before we got together in person and they both worked really well. During the sessions we broke the tradition of death-by-powerpoint with a good variety of indoors and outdoors games and powerful facilitative exercises. Time flew by, and our team got to a very good outcome. It was a refreshing take on team building and a different way to get ourselves together and grow from that. It’s been fun and we are excited to continue our transformational journey with Stephen & Gabe.

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Since working together, the site has moved beyond its challenges. Today, the teams work much more closely together across different departments, and there is a positive collegiate culture primed to excel as the site continues to expand. This new way of working means the small molecule site is moving in the right direction at speed and a foundation of efficient, healthy work practices has been built that can percolate throughout the organisation as headcount is increasing.

Live Unbound continue to partner with the leadership team to achieve their strategic plan and maintain high performance in a fun and fully human way.

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