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Live Unbound Facilitates Multi-Disciplinary Team Effectiveness at VHI 360 Health Centre in Limerick

Live Unbound facilitates culture transformation and multi-disciplinary team effectiveness as an enhanced team is formed to take healthcare to new heights.

Focus of Our Work
  • Rapid Team Formation
  • Development of Leadership Capability
  • Supporting a High Performance Culture
  • Relationship building  
  • Building Highly Effective teams
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Vhi 360 Health Centre Limerick provides Vhi members with rapid access to urgent care for minor injuries and illnesses and a range of health and wellbeing services delivered by a multi-disciplinary team.

The Vhi 360 model of care brings together the traditional team of doctors, nurses and administration staff, and also introduces additional professions such as physiotherapists, lifestyle coaches and psychotherapists.  This was a new team and a new facility. We worked with Vhi to build the right dynamic within this new team and establish the right culture within the team right from the get go. Stephen and the Live Unbound team helped to ensure that the team were set up to maximise their potential and were well positioned to hit the ground running.


We met with the various stakeholders, including the leaders of each discipline, to better understand what they wanted to achieve and what success would look like.  We all had a shared understanding of what was required to achieve success.

We used the assess, build, coach process, which is our tried and tested approach that transforms and supports teams' performance.

We worked with the team in the run-up to and during the launch of the new Vhi 360 Health Centre over several months. Our work explored; the team's compelling purpose, the various sub-teams within the collective and what they required  from each other, the team dynamics, building trust between the leader and each of the members, developing psychological safety, resolving existing conflicts that are interfering with teamwork, establishing optimal work practices for the team.

“The feedback from the leadership team was overwhelmingly positive about the work Stephen facilitated on bringing clarity to the team's purpose, their vision for how they wanted to operate as a team, what high performance & enjoyment would look like and how it will be attained consistently. The positive impact is truly transformational.”

Scott Brady
Divisional People Partner/ HR Leadership


Our work with this team in Vhi 360 Health Centre in Limerick created a culture of cohesion and powerful team effectiveness, which enabled them to hit the ground running.

The work this team have done together has enabled them from the outset to deliver a superb service to their customers and patients and deliver on the organisational purpose of helping customers and patients live longer stronger healthier lives.. The team works very well together in a positive, welcoming and friendly environment and as a result, customers and patients enjoy the benefits of that. According to Vhi " Vhi 360 Health Centre Limerick is a different  kind of space , one that puts the patient first and aims to make what might be a difficult time for them as good of an experience as possible"

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