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Flow Immersion

A 3-day nature immersion to achieve balance, high performance, and live unbound.

A Year of Transformational Coaching in One Weekend 

Our busy modern lives often mean we prioritise everything else but ourselves. Life begins to feel tiring, and you know you have untapped potential, but you cannot access it. The truth is, the earlier you reflect and work on your self-development, the sooner you will take aligned action and achieve what appears unimaginable.

Now is the time to rethink and plan your next chapter. Meet with ten like-minded people in the wilderness and accelerate your development across the five domains of balance - physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual.

We will climb mountains, meditate, do yoga, breathwork, exercise in nature, eat nutritious foods and use the sauna and ice bath for recovery. We will do deep work, we will cry, laugh and you will discover the real you, clarify your direction, have the tools to perform at your best and walk away with renewed confidence, balance and vitality.

We combine nature with cutting edge neuroscience backed peak performance protocols that inspire one to level up, move beyond paralysing stories, uncover purpose, tap into flow and optimise performance and lifestyle.

* Limited spaces available
* Location will be announced in due course
* Limited spaces available
* Location to be announced in due course

What to Expect

This is a fun, yet intensive retreat to develop your mindset and vision to be your best. It is not a holiday. Expect to challenge yourself and push performance boundaries with elements of deep rest.

  • Deep connection with yourself and others
  • Weight off your shoulders
  • Aha moments and immense clarity
  • New friendships
  • Laughter and tears
  • A new level of confidence
  • Camping and survival skills
  • Peak performance tools to help you perform at peak levels
  • A clear plan for the next year in all aspects of life

Meet Your Coach

Stephen is the founder of Live Unbound and a global leader in human performance and transformation. He is known for extrapolating the true capability and capacity of individuals, teams and organisations, driving real impact quickly and globally.

Stephen has a diverse background in leading cross-functional global business teams, engineering, and elite sports. He represented the Cork Senior Hurling team from 2010 to 2020 and captained the team in 2016 and 2017 to Munster championship success. Stephen loves nature and wildlife, spending time in the mountains and swimming in the ocean.

Stephen will be joined by some of the world's leading facilitators and high performers to bring a highly valuable transformative experience to you, where nothing will ever be the same again. Facilitators are to be announced soon.

Get ready to live unbound

The world needs what you have inside you, and it needs it right now. Join a diverse group of people from all walks of life working towards a shared collective: to support each other in living life to the fullest and positively impact an ever-changing world.

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