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High Performance Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential, go big and impact the world with our flagship programme
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High Performance Leadership is a leadership development immersion based on cutting edge neuroscience from Flow Research Collective, Harvard & Imperial College London

From setting your vision and purpose to adopting a growth mindset, maximising your energy and wellbeing consistently for performance, perfecting your communication impact, cultivating a winning culture, leading high performance hybrid teams, through to total leadership and leading your organisation through change, this programme is truly life-changing.

High Performance Leadership is for…

Founders & CEOs

You have a big vision, and you want to develop your leadership capabilities now to accelerate your progress rapidly.


You lead a team of leaders and are committed to helping them realise their potential and produce winning results.

What to Expect

No matter where you are on your leadership journey, our customised programme is designed to inspire, energise and encourage you and your leadership team to lead in fresh, new and exciting ways.

Forge Resilience

Adversity is present in everyday life. We cannot avoid it, but we can build resilience and equip ourselves with tools to ensure effective leadership no matter what. Tap into your inner mental toughness to lead yourself and your team to excellence and overcome adversity.

Elite Emotional Intelligence

Developing a high level of emotional intelligence is key to managing the pressures of leadership. Elite emotional intelligence enhances your performance and helps to build healthy relationships so that you can work collaboratively with your team and create a high performing environment.

Sustainable Peak Performance

Perform at the highest level by tapping into your flow state - the optimal state of consciousness. Expect to achieve more in less time with more fulfilment and enjoyment. You will also learn from our founder Stephen McDonnell’s background in elite sports and apply the principles to your personal and professional life.

High Performance People & Team Management

When you lead at a high standard, you inspire your team to perform at their best. Our programme will accelerate your capabilities and push you into peak performance zone in an enjoyable way! You will cultivate a high performance culture and manage your team to high standards.

Strategic Execution Unlocked

Do you have big ambitious goals? We will break them down, help you develop a strategy, ensure your goals are measurable and accelerate your development with tools to achieve them effectively. Combine strategy with accountability, and you will begin to hit targets sooner than you think.

High Performance Communication

The highest performers know how to communicate effectively. We have studied the art and science of high performance communication and applied this to our daily lives. Our programme will teach you to express your goals effectively with your team members to set clear expectations and ensure these are met to the highest level.

Enhance Relationships

Expect your relationships to thrive in all areas of life. Truly connect with yourself and your team to become more collaborative, connected, and committed to others. Experience deeper connections in your personal life and happier relationships overall.

What’s included?

  • Access to our Unbound Leaders online platform to connect with other leaders.
  • 6 x 2-hour deep dive bi-weekly sessions.
  • 6 x Leadership development “experiments” with accountability and group coaching.
  • Cutting-edge leadership assessment tools to identify your unique leadership capabilities.
  • Innovative high performance psychometric profile to set you up for success.
  • One year of quarterly 1 to 1 high performance leadership coaching.
  • High Flow Leadership Workbook with curriculum, exercises and deep dive resources.
  • Special guest Q and As with leading researchers, entrepreneurs, athletes and change-makers.
  • A Live Unbound resource pack.
  • High flow leadership practical toolkit.

Unlock your leadership potential

Unlock your team's leadership potential

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